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CC Repayment, New eBooks, Holiday Savings & Floorboards

May 30th, 2019 at 03:27 pm

As of today, Thursday 30th May, my Virgin card was $2094 and my NAB card was $1449. Not much of a decrease but not going up either! I transferred $180 grocery money onto the NAB card (I pay grocery money onto the credit card before using it) and $30 credit card repayment onto the Virgin card.. next week the Virgin card will be $2064, my goal is to have that under $2000 in the next few weeks.

Every Thursday is our “payday”. We both get paid monthly on the same day so I put our spending money aside and transfer an equal amount each week on Thursday, which I did today (hence the repayment and payments etc).

I love to read ebooks on my iPad and my book today finished so I bought some more from Kobo for $26. I bought:
- book 6 in the Jamie Lee Scott Gotcha detective series (I just finished 5)
- Winging It by Emma Isaacs (a book about starting your own business - my next goal, will discuss more another day)
- Into the Silent Sea by Claire Stibbe (a thriller, not sure where it’s set)
- The Body in the Marsh by Nick Louth (an English thriller)
Looking forward to reading these!

I also transferred $51 to our holiday savings for UK 🇬🇧 next year. So far we have $826. We are looking at travelling in August next year and have already told our UK friend, it’s all very exciting.

In other events B collected our floating floors on Tuesday and we are looking at starting to lay them on the weekend (more excitement!). When he collected them the tailgate opened and they fell out onto the road, but amazingly they only have a few scratches! In daylight on the weekend we will inspect much more closely but apparently they are mostly ok.

Wishing everyone a great weekend!

Hello! 👋 It’s Been A While...

May 27th, 2019 at 03:25 pm

Hi everyone! It’s been so long but have had a really full few months where basically a lot of my downtime just got depleted. Busy at work, going away for weekends here and there, and then in March we went away to Tasmania with friends for our first ever motorbike tour. It was really wonderful! I’m not great with uploading pictures because a lot of the time I write my blog posts from my iPad and it seems harder than doing it off the PC but if you have a moment google these places: Cradle Mountain, Salamanca Place in Hobart, and Wineglass Bay. These places are absolutely beautiful. The trip wasn’t that expensive as there was a group of us so we shared our accommodation which works out cheaper than just 2 people.

We were home for one week however when DH went for a ride on his dirt bike and fell off, fracturing his wrist and ankle on the same side of his body..... He required more care than me last year because of the whole side of his body being compromised. Luckily though both fractures were not too bad so no surgery was required and he was back to being able to do everything after about 6 weeks. He was more uncomfortable than anything. Life was definitely pretty busy for a while though.

Financial things that have happened of note:
- DH got a pay rise of about $300 per month (yay B!)
- With all of the busyness life has thrown me I stopped tracking expenses about February. I just felt it was a better use of my time to focus on the big picture for a while. We aren’t overspending which is the main thing.
- I’ve had credit card debt for a while and I was noting every little thing I bought and repaying various items bought. That simply got confusing and it felt like debt was not getting repaid. About mid April I started noting both balances and simply make repayments - the only thing I charge to the credit cards now are grocery shopping and my monthly train ticket (and PayPal gets charged to one). Everything gets repaid pretty much instantly on top of repayments to debt. As of last Thursday my Virgin card was $2095 and my NAB card was $1468.
- We fixed our home loan in April for 3 years @ 3.99%
- We took out a $20000 loan last month for landscaping and floating floors. No more major renovations will occur until this loan is repaid. Really looking forward to seeing our place looking nice!

That’s all I can think of now. I’ve been lurking and am glad you’re all well! I’m looking forward to blogging a bit more now life has calmed down a bit!