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Both Credit Cards Under $2K Each; Good Job News

June 21st, 2019 at 12:51 am

As of Thursday 20th June, my Virgin card was $1997 and my NAB card was $1442. I made the goal to have that under $2000 in the next few weeks (took 2 weeks), so am very happy about that!

I missed blogging last week because I was sick with a cold, and actually had 2.5 days off work. All better now but didn’t really have the energy to do much for a couple of days.

I also have transferred $31 to our holiday savings for UK 🇬🇧 next year. So far we have $1200, last week when we received our monthly pays we paid a bit over $300 in. Nearly enough for one of our two airfare tickets 😊.

In other events B is still laying the floating floors on the weekends - we have had a lot of social engagements so it has been hard to do too much. The lounge room floor has been laid and we are in the midst of doing our bedroom (therefore we are sleeping in the guest room at the moment). We had a $900 buffer between the loan money received and the cost of the flooring and landscaping, however because of having to buy extra bits and pieces there is only $240 left.

My biggest event for the week happened today ... I had a moment alone with my boss and asked him if he considered the possibility of me going down to 4 days per week. I have been thinking about this for a while so it’s not a spontaneous idea. One day (hopefully within the new financial year) I’d love to open my own bookkeeping business and work from home 1-2 days per week. There are a few things I need to study first though so I’d like to start doing that on the day off. He agreed!! It’s a temporary arrangement for the moment - we have agreed to review whether it’s working sometime between the end of September and the middle of November, before it gets busy for Christmas. There have been some conditions laid down: he wants me to be in the office 15 minutes before we open (something I have never been great with) and I have to leave my phone in the drawer so I’m not tempted to look at it all the time. This is to maximise efficiency, and that is fine, it’s reasonable. I’m very grateful that he accepted my request and am so happy!!

Wishing that everyone has a great weekend!

Credit Card Repayment, Holiday Savings, Job News

June 11th, 2019 at 12:41 am

As of Thursday 6th June, my Virgin card was $2063 and my NAB card was $1448. Not much of a decrease but not going up either! I transferred $180 grocery money onto the Virgin card (I pay grocery money onto the credit card before using it) and $18 credit card repayment onto the Virgin card.. next week the Virgin card will be $2045, my goal is to have that under $2000 in the next few weeks - hoping for next week.

Every Thursday is our “payday”. We both get paid monthly on the same day so I put our spending money aside and transfer an equal amount each week on Thursday, which I did today (hence the repayment and payments etc).

I also have to transferred $24 to our holiday savings for UK 🇬🇧 next year. So far we have $826, we will then have $850. We are looking at travelling in August next year and have already told our UK friend, it’s all very exciting.

In other events B started laying the floating floors on the weekend. We had a $900 buffer between the loan money received and the cost of the flooring and landscaping, however we had to hire a machine to pull up the hallway tiles, buy a part to grind the concrete flat and buy compound level mix to lay on top of the concrete to get it really flat - these expenses used up $400 of the buffer.

My biggest event for the week happened on that same Thursday... I had a moment alone with my boss and asked him of the possibility of going down to 4 days per week. I have been thinking about this for a while so it’s not a spontaneous idea. One day (hopefully within the new financial year) I’d love to open my own bookkeeping business and work from home 1-2 days per week. There are a few things I need to study first though so I’d like to start doing that on the day off. So far he hasn’t responded. Wish me luck!!

Wishing that everyone had a great weekend!

Hello! 👋 It’s Been A While...

May 27th, 2019 at 03:25 pm

Hi everyone! It’s been so long but have had a really full few months where basically a lot of my downtime just got depleted. Busy at work, going away for weekends here and there, and then in March we went away to Tasmania with friends for our first ever motorbike tour. It was really wonderful! I’m not great with uploading pictures because a lot of the time I write my blog posts from my iPad and it seems harder than doing it off the PC but if you have a moment google these places: Cradle Mountain, Salamanca Place in Hobart, and Wineglass Bay. These places are absolutely beautiful. The trip wasn’t that expensive as there was a group of us so we shared our accommodation which works out cheaper than just 2 people.

We were home for one week however when DH went for a ride on his dirt bike and fell off, fracturing his wrist and ankle on the same side of his body..... He required more care than me last year because of the whole side of his body being compromised. Luckily though both fractures were not too bad so no surgery was required and he was back to being able to do everything after about 6 weeks. He was more uncomfortable than anything. Life was definitely pretty busy for a while though.

Financial things that have happened of note:
- DH got a pay rise of about $300 per month (yay B!)
- With all of the busyness life has thrown me I stopped tracking expenses about February. I just felt it was a better use of my time to focus on the big picture for a while. We aren’t overspending which is the main thing.
- I’ve had credit card debt for a while and I was noting every little thing I bought and repaying various items bought. That simply got confusing and it felt like debt was not getting repaid. About mid April I started noting both balances and simply make repayments - the only thing I charge to the credit cards now are grocery shopping and my monthly train ticket (and PayPal gets charged to one). Everything gets repaid pretty much instantly on top of repayments to debt. As of last Thursday my Virgin card was $2095 and my NAB card was $1468.
- We fixed our home loan in April for 3 years @ 3.99%
- We took out a $20000 loan last month for landscaping and floating floors. No more major renovations will occur until this loan is repaid. Really looking forward to seeing our place looking nice!

That’s all I can think of now. I’ve been lurking and am glad you’re all well! I’m looking forward to blogging a bit more now life has calmed down a bit!

Spending, Holiday Plans & No More Physio!

December 13th, 2018 at 01:30 pm

I tried replying to Amber's comment last week but my internet was playing up so much the comments wouldn't post. Anyway, we have no problem with managing our bills, it's more when we were overspending we were dipping into the bills money. Now that we've put the spending money and the bills money into separate bank accounts it's been much easier and we've had less problems.

The next thing to try and manage is our weekly spending money. While we've been having heaps of fun by going out lots, we keep on overspending and as a result spend less on groceries (because there's not that much left) and/or add to the credit cards.

Example: this weekend just gone we added $56.34 to my credit card for some of the groceries (after I repaid $68 on this card so I really wasn't thrilled). Then we were left with $70 cash for the rest of the groceries. So far $20 of that has been spent and we are left with $50. It should be ok. I've certainly had to be creative with what I buy for us, which has been fun! The downside of it though is that we end up lacking in the non-essentials for a while, so we are constantly missing stuff. Each week I try to be more aware though, and hopefully we can do better next weekend.

On the upside though we got dressed up for B's work do, went out for breakfast once and dinner twice and got takeaway once. It's fun, but that's where our money is going!

So I'm planning this weekend to be a bit more mindful of what is being spent, hopefully that will make a big difference.


In other big news we booked the travel for our next holiday. We are traveling by boat to Tasmania with another couple who are very good friends and taking the motorbikes and will do a 7 day ride around Tasmania. We are so excited, it will be great.
The boat fares up and back are $1000 so the plan is to buy Christmas presents with December's pay and to give the money for the fares from January's pay.


Another exciting development is I had my last physio session during the week!! No more paying $105 per visit, no more tiny lunch breaks on those appointment days and I slowly get to wean myself off the early morning rehab exercises. As of this week I do four mornings with a day off during the middle of the week. (On this day instead I attend to little financial things that need doing eg paying bills, updating spreadsheets etc - I've really missed having this time because it's so hard to do after work).
I was ecstatic and absolutely over the moon on Tuesday when I got told no more appointments are needed!!


That is all for now, hoping you all have a lovely weekend!!

Holiday At Start Of November

November 20th, 2018 at 10:47 pm

Wow it's been a while since I've blogged! I don't completely remember what happened in September but we celebrated our 8 year wedding anniversary last month by going out on a motorbike ride to a nice lunch and then visiting wineries, which was definitely a treat!

At the start of this month we went on a short holiday to Perth, which is two states away, to visit one of DH's old friends who only just moved back to Australia, to spend time with him and meet his family. We had a great time socialising, eating out, visiting wineries in their Swan Valley region and sightseeing in Perth and along their coastal region. It was great to see his friend and his family were lovely, his partner was great to get along with and 2yo son was super cute.

Flights were $1000 for the two of us and we spent $1460 for the period 6-11 Nov (5 days) - as well as eating out and drinks, we hired a car which was $467 in total. We saved $1000 spending money last month and the flights are all repaid, everything is now repaid in full. It was a great trip.

That was the first week of November done pretty well Smile. Perth is three hours ahead of us and amazingly we had worse jet lag than coming back from Thailand, which is an eight hour flight away! Thailand is four hours behind us so maybe that has something to do with it.. all I know is I wasn't getting sleepy until 1.30am because that was 10.30pm Perth time! It took until the middle of last week until we were back to normal. Well worth it though Smile.

Home Hair Dye Experiment (successful)

August 27th, 2018 at 04:05 am

I'm not even sure what happened last time I wrote but here's a small financial thing I did a couple of weeks ago - dyed my hair successfully for the first time!

My hairdresser is great and much cheaper than hairdressing salons at $110 for a half head of foils. I always said that if I stopped going to her I'd dye it myself because generally what I get done is nothing magnificent really, just touching up my regrowth and a haircut.

So our security doors were getting installed at the same time as the hair appointment so I tried rescheduling however she didn't have anything for the next month so I got to try out my experiment! I watched some videos on YouTube and then went to a hair supplies shop and they worked out what I would need, the best colours and gave me instructions plus directions on how much of each.

All up it cost $106 however with their ratios I still had half a bowl of dye left over so I actually have enough hair dye left in the tubes for another two dyes! So instead of $110 for foils and haircut it was technically $33 for a tint (per use). I will go back to her in October however as the December appointment is at 6am I am thinking of cancelling that then and doing the tint then too.

Week 28: Back to Work, Big Spending Items

July 26th, 2018 at 12:59 am

Week 28 saw me back at work except for Thursday morning when I had the appointment with the cardiologist. He didn't think my heart problem was too major and thought that my friend's suggestion that it could be linked to thyroid issues (in my case the adrenal glands) was valid so ordered a thyroid test as well as getting me to wear a heart monitor for 24hrs next month. There was no charge for that appointment as it was bulk billed.

The collarbone got better as the week went on and not much was needed in the way of painkillers by the end.

Tuesday was our 19 year anniversary so went out for dinner to celebrate, which was nice. We also went out to lunch on Saturday and to dinner on Sunday night with friends who were visiting.

On Saturday we had two really big spending items (as well as my operation lol) in the way of the security doors I wanted ($1500) and the exhaust B wanted for his Harley ($600). The security doors were a quote which was about to expire and the exhaust was only one of 7 held in Australia (after that they would have to be ordered from overseas which takes a couple of months for this shop); so both were things that we wanted to order asap. Note also that these amounts are 50% deposits with the balance due in about 3 weeks for the doors, the end of the week for the Harley. With these purchases we can expect to live pretty quietly in the next few weeks as they are taking up the bulk of our money until payday in the middle of next month. We both believe they're worth it though.

Ps I see Shiela posting her blog as Week 29, I'm probably a week out? I'm not too bothered though because I'm trying to report what happens weekly and stay accountable, to me that's the most important thing.

Week 27: Surgery Successful, Other Health Problems Now

July 19th, 2018 at 03:13 pm

Well I got through my first ever operation ok. I was so nervous but the hospital was really great and looked after me so well. I would highly recommend private hospitals from this experience. It didn't come off completely without a hitch though.

When I met with the anaesthetist right before the surgery he got the stethoscope out, listened and told me my heart is beating too fast, and hooked me up to a heart monitor. This told us it was beating at a rate of 8-10 extra beats per minute. He said we can still go ahead with the surgery but we will look into it afterwards.

After the surgery I was told that my heart kept on beating at the 8-10 extra beats through the entire surgery and that they would monitor how it is overnight, so I got moved to a high dependency ward and hooked up to a heart monitor. The next day they saw that it had mostly stabilised except for an episode in the morning so they gave me a referral to a local cardiologist (the same one B went to last year) and discharged me.

Recovery from surgery was pretty much a one week process. The first four days I had a lot of muscle soreness so movement was very limited. DH looked after me well and found out how much a nurse really has to do!!! There were a lot of pills to be taken and half of them required food to be eaten first so there was no sleeping in for him as quite a lot had to be done for me. He was so good though and had no problem doing any of it. On the Thursday he took me to the hairdresser to get my hair washed and blow waved which was really lovely ($70, so is definitely a treat!)

There were no extra charges for being put in the high dependency ward, we simply had to pay the $500 excess upon admission. I paid the $2158 to the orthopaedic surgeon a few days before, so now need to get the refund of $743 from Medicare and private health insurance. Probably the other big expenses (kind of) is the parking at $30.75 per day for the Monday and Tuesday - B spent as much time as he was allowed to be there for me. We also went out to dinner on Thursday night ($59.30) and went out to lunch and to a nice chocolate shop on the coast on the Sunday.

The only other financial thing I did was save $100 each for us. Our savings are now about $2600 each in my shares account and in the home loan offset account, so want to gradually add a little bit each month. Eventually when things calm down a bit I'll look at our credit cards as they're creeping up a bit.

All in all, I'm alive and well so all is good 😊.