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Week 24 & Football Winnings = Mini Holiday Fund

July 6th, 2015 at 02:51 am

Week 24 ended up going pretty smoothly. I was stressed out last week about having to spend for a birthday party at the last minute when we didn't really have a lot of money available but it ended up ok.

I got invited out with my friends on Friday night, so I drove and had wedges with sweet chilli sauce and sour cream ($9) and bought a wine and soft drink, so did not spend much. I bought a perfume for the cousin worth $30 and she really loved it (was good because it was worth $60 and I have it, it's a great perfume called Wish). B found out we can bring our own alcohol which saved about $40. The restaurant was expensive, $70 for the both of us, so at least we didn't have to pay for overpriced alcohol! Groceries were as cheap as I could get - $94, which is what I was spending for us when B was off work. It was B's turn tonight to host the poker party (his Monday night event) so we spent $38 on food for entertaining- he did a beef casserole for 8 and I managed to score a plate (yum!).

We did have to draw some money again from the EF but not as much as last week - $142, $45 to cover the shortfall from spending and $97 to cover B's petrol for the week. Total amount now owed back to the EF is $407.76.

This week we are hoping B gets paid for all old and current invoices so then we can have the party pretty much paid for and start getting back to normal. I want to have the party money well ahead of time so that we can enjoy his birthday and make it a memorable occasion instead of it being a stressful occasion!!

Now for something I consider pretty exciting.. Every time my football team wins I save $1 for every point they win by. This weekend they won by 110 points!!! Their biggest win against this team in 119 years. I actually owe $2 for a win a couple of weeks ago and now $110 for last weekend's game. I felt like celebrating so thought you know what, I'm going to turn their winnings into a mini holiday fund! Travel is a big part of who I am and what I love- I love at least one holiday a year. So I worked out the winnings and have adjusted my sidebar accordingly. Currently there is $270.00 there.

The mini-holiday fund can be a contribution towards a holiday or perhaps simply a leisure event. I'm just giving these dollars a particular purpose. Our wedding anniversary is in October this year and we haven't really planned anything because our focus is on the party. For $270.00 we can get a room in the best hotel in Melbourne (marked down from $400), so we could go out for a really nice dinner and a great hotel room is already paid for. Or we could put that towards three nights in Port Douglas, Queensland ($100 might have to be paid out of pocket). Flights up there and back are pretty cheap. Swanky hotel or fun in the sun, what would you guys choose? Decisions decisions Smile

6 Responses to “Week 24 & Football Winnings = Mini Holiday Fund”

  1. CB in the City Says:

    I'd go with the swanky hotel, but I'm just an indoor sort of gal!

  2. VS_ozgirl Says:

    I know people who have stayed there who said it's really great so it's a good option, would be nice to check it out. But then on the other hand an inexpensive holiday up in sunny Queensland sounds good too. Something good will happen either way Smile

  3. scottish girl Says:

    I was going to say the hotel but Port Douglas looks amazing!

  4. VS_ozgirl Says:

    I'd go in a heartbeat if I could! But really, 2 things will dictate the outcome: (1) $$$$, because I never ever repay a holiday, everything must be cashflowed first, and also because it is two months before Christmas, and (2) B's wishes - he was saying he'd like us to put some money into redoing the garden so he might want to go for the swanky hotel option instead. Either way it will be magical!!! Ps football season isn't over yet!!

  5. frugaltexan75 Says:

    Either option sounds good to me. Smile

  6. rob62521 Says:

    I am not an outdoor person so swanky would win.

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