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Misc Transactions, Goals Progress, Dead Work Computer

September 17th, 2015 at 05:51 am

I will start off with the financial transactions for the week. The 50 week challenge payments for the week have been updated and I have added $110 to the Banking the Difference challenge, which was savings for my credit card for the $303 monthly balance transfer payment.

Like Mrs Frugalista, yesterday I was reflecting on my goals and the progress so far and how likely it is that by 31 December they will be met. I have dipped into the EF a couple of months ago and still owe $130 for that. Have also withdrawn $1283 for my study subject. So while the totals on the sidebar look wonderful, in actual the EF is a bit leaner than that! I need to do my tax asap to get the $1283 back. I'm actually due a bit over $1500 so the $130 will be repaid also. For our situation, it's so important to do this now while we're in high season before we get to low season and the tax refund then has to get used to live off, not repaying the EF. *So* don't want that.

B's card is shocking because he's been getting underpaid again. The sidebar says he has repaid $472.30 and $379.63 for the two challenges, yesterday I checked and he only had $155 available. I have since repaid $225.00 from his earnings tonight, so that he now has $380.00 available (as per Banking the Difference challenge).

So we have a bit of work to do to get back up to speed. *If* things go well, we get back to normal and all our money gets repaid back into the right places, and I continue to pay at least $100 on my credit card on top of the 50 week challenge, and we bank the difference for the mortgage savings of $183.00 per month, we should meet a pretty awesome goal of having saved/repaid $10,000. But as I'm seeing at the moment it will require some careful watching and ensuring the balances are repaid and not used (eg not dipping into the EF or using the credit cards).

But it is so important to not just plan and carry out the plan, but to also occasionally sit back, reflect on where your progress is and decide if any action needs to be taken, as I have just seen.

Finally - have had *the*worst*week* with computers, both at home and work!!! Monday night our computer would start but the monitor would then say "no signal" and go blank, nothing would happen. Then B came home a couple of hours later and tinkered around and 10 minutes later it was working. So glad about that, even if I lost 2 hours before that. Tuesday at work just after 5pm we were winding our day down and all of a sudden the network was lost, the server lost power. My boss got on the phone to IT and reset the server and it was ok. I got home Tuesday night and our toner ran out, and B put new toner in. But something went wrong with it and black wouldn't print. Have left it for now, we will look at it soon. Yesterday our part-timer couldn't get her computer on, they ended up finding out it was a problem with a graphics card and she got a new monitor, everything was working.

But today I got to work and when I turned my computer on, it had the graphics of the brand on the screen, and then it went black. Nothing. IT came and got my computer, worked on it for a couple of hours and brought it back. This time it loaded up to desktop stage but none of the programs would open. Then after we tried opening them an error message came up, and then the whole thing closed down. Our manager then spoke to IT, who said it sounds like the hard drive had died and it needs to be replaced. My boss looked at when it was purchased and would you believe it, it was only 3 months out of warranty!!! Talk about not good value for money!

I spent the day summarising things manually, just like accountants did in the old days, with a notepad and a calculator with a printer ribbon. Luckily I have the day off tomorrow so hopefully something is sorted out while I'm off work.

After all these dramas I am currently backing up our hard drive to an external hard drive we have. It's taking a long time though, so might turn it off and do it tomorrow while I know I'll be on the computer for a couple of hours, have to get some sleep.

Hopefully you all back up your computers! If not, please take the opportunity and do it!

7 Responses to “Misc Transactions, Goals Progress, Dead Work Computer”

  1. monkeymama Says:

    I don't know what it is but sometimes the computer stars align. I had that week last week. I came home to work but then nothing was working at home either!

    We *pay* to have our data backed up. It is that important in this day and age. We actually have a glitchy external drive right now, and my entire feeling is *shrugs* about it. & that is priceless! Big Grin (It has absolutely all our music, photos and financial data, etc., etc. but we can still access everything in the interim).

  2. creditcardfree Says:

    Ummm...no I'm bad about anything regarding backing up. We do have an external hard drive, so a lot is on there, but not a lot from the last few years, because it isn't always hooked up.

    MM, how do you 'pay' to back up your data?

  3. monkeymama Says:

    ccfree - we use an online backup service. I believe it backs everything up (including external drives that are connected) once per week. The *free* backup services were just not cutting it for our needs. But you can certainly find the same service for free if you have less to back up.

  4. Debt-free by Thir-ty Says:

    Good luck on meeting your 10k goal! Fingers crossed your computer situation gets worked out soon.

  5. VS_ozgirl Says:

    MM - weeks like that are testing, aren't they? Glad to be far away from computers for the weekend, feel like everything I've touched has turned to cr*p. Online backup service is interesting.

    Thanks, Debtfree!

  6. frugaltexan75 Says:

    That sounds like an extremely frustrating technological week!

    I have my digital photos pretty much all in the icloud or dropbox, but am looking at some other ideas potentially. My budget data (Ynab) is in dropbox. Nothing else really would be a huge loss if my computer died.

  7. VS_ozgirl Says:

    Yes it was FT- we actually got it set up today and it is now mostly working. These things can't be helped but they are annoying!

    iCloud/Dropbox are a couple of ideas worth considering

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