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$14 For The Rest Of November? Maybe...

November 28th, 2015 at 04:46 am

November finances have been an absolute shambles for me, because of visiting my Nan to say goodbye. I have been watching my spending like a hawk and trying to cut back wherever possible...

Mortgage and bills was semi-high, coming to $1441, due to usual bills plus a water bill, gas bill and council rates (property taxes). Savings & debt repayment lower than usual at $429 (still 12% of my pay though),but it's basically just 52 wk savings and credit card balance transfer repayment only.

Health items was $175 due to my $140 dentist visit today. No matter how poor I may be at the moment there is no way I'm re-scheduling that because I know I may not re-schedule that for a while and it will stretch out to the next visit. Happily only a clean and polish was required today. My dentist said one of my silver fillings is starting to wear and may need to be replaced, but will check on my next visit (May-June next year). Glad to keep up the maintenance on these things though, because prevention is better than cure.

Shopping was $300, which is about normal. Petrol was only $20, because B filled up my car at the end of last month and it lasted that long.

My main other spending item was I bought a pair of work shoes last night. My last pair I bought for $120 and they lasted 18 months (possibly 3 months too long, but anyway!). They were good leather so I was looking for something about the same. You guys have Black Friday sales and here we have been having four-day Cyber sales to match it, so we have been getting all of your US brands cheap. As a result, the Australian retailers are trying to match the sales to not miss out. So, I got a good pair of leather shoes worth $140 for $65. The shoes are not a want, but a need as my old shoes had holes in both soles and the leather on top was coming apart. And they were a bargain buy - would rather pay $65 than $120/$140.

Which brings me to Nana's trip. I put the whole price of $1359 into my spending app as well as all of my expenses, but knew that I could not afford to pay back $1359 in one whole month. So I figured I would adjust the amount I was over down and carry forward whatever was owed into the next month. So I am at $745 over. $1359 - $745 = $614.

So I'm thinking what if I can only spend $14 for the rest of November and then I will have paid back $600 against the $1359 trip.... This will involve instead of doing a full shopping trip just buying bits and pieces for the next couple of days and making up the difference in December.

An inventory of the food needed brings me to coffee pods (can get for $4), meat for the dog ($3-$5) and something for dinner... We have beef already and a couple of rolls, maybe just get a couple more ($0.80 each) and lettuce ($2-$3)...

Then $1359 - $600 = $759 carried forward towards next month, and at least I have a big payment to show for all of the scrimping and saving done! I don't know if I can pay back the $759 next month, but I will try.

Hope everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving! (we don't celebrate it in Oz however)

6 Responses to “$14 For The Rest Of November? Maybe...”

  1. LivingAlmostLarge Says:

    Sounds like a bargain for shoes. I try to buy a couple of pairs at a time when I find a deal because I am particular with wide feet on my sneakers. And they are needs because like you I use them till holes.

  2. VS_ozgirl Says:

    Yes I can usually get away with the holes for a while because I wear a cheaper set of flats 1-2 days a week too (this is also why the leather shoes last so long because they really only get worn 3-4 days per week!)

  3. My English Castle Says:

    Good job stretching the cash!

  4. bluesfemme Says:

    Great idea to hit it as hard as you could in Nov; we all know Dec can be spendy, not only for gifts, but social occasions.

    Good luck for the rest! I'm already feeling the lure of summer and trying to resist wanting to partake in everything!

  5. frugaltexan75 Says:

    Good deal on the shoes!

  6. VS_ozgirl Says:

    Thanks for the support guys! Blues femme I haven't had the Christmas temptation so far, all our social invitations are pretty much free (except for a birthday and Christmas of course) but like you say December is never a good month for saving... Maybe if I aim to knock off the rest of the amount owing I can in actual fact knock off half! Maybe you can suggest some kind of free outings? Eg one we have this month is a family picnic where everyone brings their own food.. Day out at the beach maybe?

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