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EF, Tax Stuff, Grocery Rewards, etc

January 28th, 2016 at 03:35 am

52 Week Challenge starting balance: $868.60
Plus this week's EF savings: $71.02
52 Week Challenge closing balance: $939.62

This week's EF savings will be automatically transferred in the morning, so thought I would update now. Next week we will be over $1000.00, so that's exciting!

I think on Sunday, being the 31st of January, I will officially update the Mini EF and Maxi EF breakdown on the sidebar too.


The other day I lodged B's sales tax report and we also have to pay an amount towards his 2016 income tax. This is a percentage of his net earnings based on a rate the government give us. I looked at his earnings and worked out the tax payable so far to be $1904 and it turns out that in the first two quarters of the year we paid $1988! Very happy about that because that's something we don't have to try to find money for.


I had to buy catfood today so went to Safeway to get it and they had a few good deals on things- I spent $35 and got two weeks worth of catfood, a month's worth of biscuits, coffeepods, dinner for tomorrow night, stirfry sauce and deodorant for B. We have now spent enough to qualify for the first week of the snowflake.

I thought we had to spend two weeks of $80 in a row but as soon as I paid for groceries there was a printout saying that I now qualify to receive $20 ($15 for spending $80 plus $5 already in my rewards balance), so that will be good to add to the challenge also. Not sure what will happen next week though - maybe I will do the rest of the grocery shopping there on the weekend, get the snowflake then, and then next week do the grocery shopping there again to qualify for week 2 by spending over $80.


I also bought a bottle of wine for $8.50 (marked down from $17, so it is a fancy wine). I have not been good with my new years resolution of only drinking one bottle of wine per week, so will aim to do this this week. The only reason why I may have more is if we catch up for a friend's birthday on the weekend, which is likely as we spoke about it last week - no concrete plans have been made yet though.

4 Responses to “EF, Tax Stuff, Grocery Rewards, etc”

  1. frugaltexan75 Says:

    That's nice you won't have to be paying any taxes, and getting a small bit back. Smile I like to work it as even as possible. Smile

  2. alice4now Says:

    Good find on the wine! Smile

  3. snafu Says:

    I suggest checking on line to clarify your understanding of Safeway's reward program as it's often just a matter of timing. Do they include buying gas in their rewards ? In my experience the food stores use non food items for their biggest profit margins. Branded grooming products are usually less expensive at the discount stores like WalMart who use that fact to bring customers to their stores. They're lower pricing is based on volume buying, forcing suppliers to reduce unit price in exchange for W/Mart contract.

  4. VS_ozgirl Says:

    FrugalTexan this is only halfway through the year, it's not finalised yet - I just work out the tax as we go to avoid nasty surprises
    Thanks alice4now!
    Snafu I checked the rewards program information - it's just groceries and alcohol, but yes it is mainly timing.

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