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Dipped Into Savings; and Coffee Pod Purchase

February 4th, 2016 at 02:50 am

A day after transferring all that was left over from last month's pay, I found out that B is not getting paid until next week. (I thought he was getting paid today)

So I ended up transferring $446 from savings to cover the weekly automatic savings payment (I don't want to get into the habit of putting that on hold or cancelling it), groceries, alcohol, my hair getting done, money to put in towards my friend's birthday present and money for B's social stuff ($20 this week). This week we will have to make sure we don't go over $120 on the grocery spend! I am determined.

Thankfully he is now billing his usual amounts so in a couple of weeks we should be back to normal.


Last year I got some really nice biodegradable coffee pods which were pricey but really nice. They emailed me a deal of 25% off 100 pods, which was quite good. I was going to buy four months worth (this would tip it into the free freight category) but when I tried to apply the deal it didn't work.

They may have sold out already. I ended up getting a 10 pack of pods (100 in total, it is 10 per sleeve) of different flavours to try out.

The last time I bought was October, I think. This is a company I don't mind supporting occasionally so we will call this my splurge. The 10 pack plus freight costed $83.20, so at $8.32 per packet of pods compared to my usual $4.76 it is a splurge! (Will not happen again until later this year). I'm looking forward to trying all of the different flavours.


A friend found a cruise she really wanted to go on next year for Australia Day, which goes for three days and would cost us $1598. As Thailand for us has been pushed back to next year also it would mean two expensive holidays in a year - really did not want to commit to that. With me it was more the money - our Thailand offer was for 7 nights accommodation plus flights was $1600; and this is a three day cruise not stopping anywhere and we still would have to get flights etc. Not thrilling.

B just wasn't keen on going. Unfortunately pretty much everyone else she has invited has also declined because of the expense - most people she has invited are families, so their cost was around $4000. So she's a bit upset at the moment because she thought it would be fun. Hopefully in time she will realise that it's not everyone's cup of tea, and it's very expensive, and be ok with it. At the moment she's pretty disappointed so I think I want to leave her be for a little while, and talk to her when it's all died off a bit.

2 Responses to “Dipped Into Savings; and Coffee Pod Purchase”

  1. LivingAlmostLarge Says:

    Did you explain how expensive it is? That $1598 for 3 days is just too much for the budget even without Thailand? I think it too much. I would be honest (and I have been in this situation as well) and told the friends we can't go skiing and for $500/night when all costs were all in. It was over the budget. A ski weekend for $200/night maybe. But double the costs is too much.

    That way my friend understood it wasn't her but just the situation. She eventually found friends who could afford the same lifestyle.

  2. VS_ozgirl Says:

    Yeah I explained that we already have a trip next year and that it is at a time of year when we usually pretty hard up for money due to B's work, which she knows because she knows us well. We get through January to February (sometimes March in a bad year) by living off the bare minimum and a cruise holiday is the total opposite to the bare minimum. I didn't explain that we thought it was too expensive, just that it was too expensive for us due to our circumstances. She's got her hopes up and is pretty disappointed at the moment, but I don't think it's the smartest thing to expect your friends to be able to cough up that sort of money? I hope they still go as a family though, I'm sure they'll still have fun.

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