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Snowflakes 14-11-16; NSD #4

November 14th, 2016 at 02:16 am

Challenge starting balance: $8,840.21
- weekly EF savings $35.69
- digital change $2.85
- Safeway everyday rewards $20.00
Challenge closing balance: $8,898.75

The weekly EF savings got withdrawn, some more digital change got transferred to the Christmas savings account and then I redeemed $20.00 in Safeway everyday rewards tonight while getting some groceries - we only have $10.00 left there now.

The Christmas savings bank account is currently at $96.98, will be over $100 very soon. It may not pay for all of our presents but every bit counts. For example my main Christmas present that I would like is a gold bracelet to replace my fake gold bracelet, the cost of it marked down is $149 - I tried it on today and it looks nice. These savings could very well pay for that.

Speaking of Christmas presents, B wants to get a sticker kit for his motorbike at $300 (I'm told they will last a very long time though!). I told him he can order it, he is really very good with not wanting too much I don't mind a splurge now and again.

Just think, if I did this next year from January we could possibly effortlessly pay for Christmas...

On Thursday I had a NSD, then yesterday I was feeling pretty tired from having my friends over on Saturday night so decided not to do any grocery shopping and just use up what we had, and we had plenty of leftovers so it was fine, so then was able to add another NSD to the challenge! I could possibly make Wednesday and Thursday NSDs also - need to get petrol and the balance of the groceries tomorrow, so if I plan well enough that could be it until Friday.

I really need to do some more savings transfers soon and credit card repayment etc so you will see another entry soon.

2 Responses to “Snowflakes 14-11-16; NSD #4”

  1. creditcardfree Says:

    I save $50 a month for Christmas. We only have about 8 gift recipients at this point so that is plenty of cash for gifts.

  2. rob62521 Says:

    You are exactly right on the Christmas savings. Plus, having the cash at hand will help you stay within your budget since you have the cold hard cash right there and just think....no credit card bills in the new year! We have a Christmas Club account and we put in about $100 a month. DH and I divide it. His portion goes for my Christmas and birthday (since my birthday is right after the first of the year) and mine goes for his gifts and then other gifts like tips for our hairdressers, etc. A lot of the gifts I give anymore are homemade either baked goods or jellies I've made so I supplement with little items used from the money we saved. I try to watch sales for things like flour, sugar, and chocolate chips and buy them then so the cost of baked goods goes down quite a bit. I scrounge thrift shops for like new ceramic mini loaf pans and wash them up and use them as part of the gift as well as buying Christmas tins that are in like new shape to put things in. One thrift store in July sold all their tins for 25 cents each. I bought five of them that were almost brand new complete with the stickers. Makes for more reasonable gift giving. Most of the people we give things to are our age and most buy what they want for themselves anyway so we think why buy another knick knack to sit around when they can enjoy a sweet treat.

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